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How can Washed Out’s chillwave come out of America’s deep south?

How did it come to be that the poster boy for chillwave (a word that is in strenuous debate with Pitchfork readers from here to hipsterdom) is a shy, married library-school graduate from America’s deep south? Well, he doesn’t really known the answer either.

Creating tunes from his bedroom in Georgia that sound like they should be sunning themselves on some intergalactic beach, Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out, found himself riding a wave of second generation MySpace discoveries.

A couple of blogs later, Greene was thrust into the misty glare of the spotlight. After never having left America, he was playing all around Europe, touring with Best Coast and kicking it with the heavyweights of the indie music scene. It has taken 18 months, but he’s finally come across the seas to Australia. Lifelounge had a chat to him ahead of his long swim.*

*Note: this interview is to be read in an incredibly endearing Georgian accent, not like this one.

Read my interview here.

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